liz (dystopiate) wrote in drug_fiends,


hey, i have a script for darvocet. it's 100mg propoxyphene napsylate and 650 mg acetaminophen. someone email or IM me on how to extract the good stuff, cause fuck taking tylenol. in order to feel anything, even just pain relief from them, i'm sure i have to take a bunch, and i'd like too shoot it as well. if i swallow a shitload of tylenol, i'll puke. and it doesn't freebase. so yeah, someone tell me how you extract the dope from these pills. i'm gonna call them again tomorrow saying i'm still in severe pain and these pills don't help cause i keep puking them up. i asked for something without tylenol, because it makes me puke, but the only narcotic they would give me was this. i tried even for valium instead of any painkillers, but of no avail. anyway, yeah, i don't think we're allowed to post such information, so IM me as spitinacopsface or email if you've got any advice. thanks. x-posted.
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